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Dear Abby Part Two

Dear Abby,   I have a tendency to be obsessive and throw myself into one project or one pursuit to the exclusion of everything else in my life. Right now, I’m into this screenplay and this character I’m writing for myself. My writing partner, limited in time as she is with a family and now […]

Tips for Keeping your Day Job

Just in case you haven’t yet transitioned to full time film work, here are the key phrases that will allow you to keep those paychecks from your straight gig rolling in: Brilliant idea Nice suit Sure, I don’t mind doing this paperwork This new product line truly inspires me You are a great boss I’m […]


My favorite, very favorite, movie lines. “Doody!” “I projected myself to the end of my life in some vague rendition of my old man self.  I imagined looking back with a tremendous hole of regret in my heart.” “Nobody calls Dugan a turd.” “– she’s my daughter. — she’s my sister —- she’s my daughter. […]

Letters from My Readers

This letter from a reader, responding to my last column about writing a one-woman live show, was just too good to leave languishing in the “comments” section.   Michelle, Lets start with the obvious: Collection of things (birds, teeth, body parts, cats bodies, dolls), things that you have lost. Things that are no longer alive […]

Story-line for a Live Show

Dear readers, Once again, I solicit your kind advice on my projects.  I have these following items and wish to include them in a performance piece.  I need your help developing a story-line: Chirpy’s feathers in a velvet cloth. Some of my baby teeth in a cute little pink box.  (Thanks to my sister Deb […]

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