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Letters from My Readers

  Dear Michelle,   You didn’t answer me yesterday about good survival gigs for actors.  I desperately need some advice.  Please help.   Sincerely, Hugh “Barn” Laurie   Dear Reader, Oops, so sorry.  I must have gotten accidentally derailed into a conversation about myself, my own career, my nice tits, by broken dreams or my […]

Letters from My Readers

Dear Michelle, What type of survival jobs do you recommend for actors? For the past few years, I’ve had a steady gig on a TV show, but I worry what to do when the show gets cancelled. I had a bartender job in a swanky restaurant; but since I worked evenings I could never do […]

Since We’re Dredging Up Old Blog Posts…

Blake Snyder was a very discerning man…   …because he deemed me, Al Franken Michelle Shyman, “…brilliant…” even though my logline & title did not make it into the top 10 in his screenplay contest.

Art & Therapy

I worried about therapy ruining my instrument.  When I went to a shrink to alleviate my desperate unhappiness I wondered if being “fixed” the way non-artists would get fixed would take away my sensitivity.   When I first started learning Meisner work (after an early training in Fake Acting), I had so many layers of […]


  Janet bought a Kindle.  She loves it and claims to do all her reading now on the Kindle.  Here’s my question, though, Janet: did you get rid of your physical books, or are you simply buying all new titles electronically and keeping the real-world books, too?   And, if you got rid of them, […]

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