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Life Coach, Schmife Coach

Fascinating about the frailty of creativity. Fleeing nature thereof. Why haven’t I written in this blog for 85 days?  (Never mind that the little calendar-archive-thingy might show otherwise; I have cheated by filling in the blank days once I got my groove back.) BLINK.  It’s gone. BLINK. Nope, it’s not back. Work work work work […]


The closest thing to religion that I ever experience is room tone.  There is the closing of eyes, the time-bounded secession from intercourse with my fellow humans.  Still, all the emotions are echoing in my head: all the noises and excitement, all the rituals, the catch-phrases, the rules of the secret club.  The mighty presence […]

Albert Kent & The Weird Auditions

Tell it. So, I went to an audition. Albert Kent is the director. They call us into from the waiting room into the stage area one by one. Camera & lights are set up in the stage are.  After I read, they ask me to go back to the waiting room. In a while, Albert […]

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Part Two

  People ask screenwriters where they come up with ideas As I have mentioned, real life is one excellent source of material. I wrote a treatment about an accountant who starts a Multi-Level Marketing scheme to raise money for his mother’s cancer surgery. I did not make this up; it is a true story about […]

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

  Or…Gee, My Life Sucks Or…Where do you get your ideas…   …out your ass? A guy I’m following on Twitter asked “How often do you swear in your blog?” I tried to answer him: “Every day, every damn day; seven frocking times per column.” Then I thought, “Maybe they won’t understand that I have LICENSE […]

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