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The Unfinished Work Which Haunts You, Part Three

  Haiku X Unfinished work haunts. Write blog; no feedback ensues. Anyone out there?   Haiku XI I’m on Twitter now I dare you to follow me I’m @MichelleShy   Haiku XII Keep Reel Grok blog clean Just business of filmmaking No Crazy Writer   Haiku XIII Ha, ha, believe that? No more Crazy Writer […]

The Unfinished Work Which Haunts You, Part Two

See, I think if you rehearse a play or film and then if you don’t take it to its intended conclusion, its orgasmic peak–or organic peak–then the universe is disordered. That intended conclusion is the working out–through the period of 6 weeks shooting condensed into 90 minutes viewing–or through a 14 week run each day […]

The Unfinished Work Which Haunts You

  Haiku IV Story creation Has its own life processes Which we must respect   Haiku V Beginning and end With rehearsal in between To discover truth   Haiku VI Seed must reach flower Character must be performed For an audience   Haiku VII Creation must peak Rehearsal without filming Sex without climax   Haiku […]

Shitty Day Jobs for Creative Types

When I was taking video classes at a local community college, my fellow students were mostly youngsters just out of high school.  They were happily preparing themselves for their careers, or their first of many careers.  I was in the midst of my 17th or 19th mid-life crisis, wondering what my next careerFail would be.  […]

The I-Think-a-Toids

Metrics Matter or Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Web Site My friend Mills, a set designer, asked me, “What do you think of my web site?” I figured he was asking me not only as a film producer who hires set designers, but as a person who managed a team of hundreds of people […]

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