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True Voice

The metaphor, “talking in your own voice” which writers or visual artists use is so literally true for singers because they have a register and they can only sing in their own register.  Maybe other artists can sometimes fool themselves about what their own true voice is.

Return of The Effing Zombies

Remember I told you a while back about my roommates at South By Southwest, the zombie film making people? ‘member how they wouldn’t speak to me while we were in Austin and ‘member how they freaked out when I told them I didn’t want to be their roomie any more? “Breaking up, la, la, la, […]

Letters From My Readers

Dear Michelle, I know you said broaden our horizons and meet other people outside the industry.  And, um, like, find the truth about different characters we could play. But, I mean, like, what could we possibly talk about with non-actors? I mean, like, I’m all like what do they know about bad agents and directors […]

So-Called Off Topic

I’m sure many of my readers also subscribe to a producers’ chat list.  Last week, a strange topic was discussed on one producers’ chat lists, through a dozen posts, back and forth, over three days.  The topic: knife sharpening. They talked about recommendations for knife sharpeners instructions for how to do it yourself and where […]

I Need A Film Project

Somebody save me.  I am so tired of these corporate and commercial gigs.  Happy, smiley people using happy products.  Happy, smiley, people selling products.  Happy, smiley people rubbing their sleek bodies all over products.  Please, somebody send me 120 pages of unbearable grief, sobbing, loss, disappointment, betrayal, pain.  Please.  I can no longer bear to […]

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