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Star Trek and Me

  I don’t know if I’m sufficiently advanced to be in a society like Star Trek The Next Generation; a society where I trust people so completely that even if they annoy me a bit I can let it go because I know they’re speaking for the greater good—ALL for the greater good and NONE […]

The Conditions for Creativity

Some people say you don’t have to be a depressed, starving artist.  You don’t have to suffer.  You don’t have to cut off your ear or live in a garret or die of syphilis contracted while having obligatory sex with your patron.   You don’t have to drink yourself to death or drug yourself to death.  […]

Role of Artists, Part Two

For those who say, in response to my column yesterday, that art which makes a statement has got to be boring or pedantic or not beautiful, let me offer the modern-day example of “Star Trek The Next Generation.” “Star Trek TNG” had a definite and clear point of view on what a future—and better—society would […]

Role of Artists, Part One

What is the role of artists in these dangerous times? As our country moves more and more towards fascism and as the global economy collapses and the planet rushes towards sterility and as people and animals are tossed aside like so much used toilet paper, can artists continue to mindlessly produce classics or fluffy entertainment? […]

I Am An Actor

If I were to do it all again, I’d run off to Hollywood when I was 18 and gorgeous. My college education has gotten me a career in the corporate world that has made me old and gray and stressed and miserably unhappy and as an added benefit has left me broke off my ass, […]

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