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It’s A Small World, Part Two

  My ShittySickFamily/sucks Whine, whine, whine. I have this mother (oy, do I have a mother) who wouldn’t introduce me to Steven Spielberg.  Her reason: it might hurt HER ability to promote herself as a famous person who has met Steven Spielberg.

It’s A Small World

How Networking Works or How To Get Gigs in Movie-making by Getting Referrals from People Who Respect Your Work or My ShittySick Family This column today is entirely true. I have been accused of playing fast & loose with the truth.  I have been accused of having a loose grasp on reality.  I say to […]

Life Planning

This is scary.  I found this note I had left for myself in my Outlook calendar: “Do Life Planning on Sunday 21 March from noon till 2:00 PM. Use comedy routine as a roadmap/guide to life.” Double checked my calendar.  This appointment only occurs one time, so presumably after March 21 my entire life was […]

Haiku II & Haiku III

  software developers at my last “straight” gig Fried Cracked Nought Kill Stain Zag Abscess Ceezur Lugie Dirtbag Submitter   Cast and crew on my last film project Polyfidelous Membrane Bambi Cherry Props Randomvisionquest

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