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Letters from My Readers

Dear Michelle, Last week you were talking about straight jobs that you were able to obtain over the years that helped you to pursue your acting, screenwriting & filmmaking career.   What about substitute teaching?  I came here to LA right after high school and do not have a college degree.  Do you think I could […]

I Do Not Want to Write

  Hate I to write.  I don’t wanna write.  Yes, I dislike to compose words on a blank screen.  Ya, ya, ya, das Writing ist nischt gut.  Pain in the butt.  Who cares?  Don’t even like to read.  Let alone listen to words.  Talking is useless.  Music is better sound than voice.  Human voice only […]

Crazy Lady Writer, Part Three

Part the Ninth Poor saintly Norman Berns thought he was hiring a somewhat sane film producer or at least a not-so-unbalanced filmmaker or at least someone who knew better than to take her shirt off in public to write this column; but alas he has unknowingly retained a Crazy Lady Writer who sometimes actually accidentally […]

Crazy Lady Writer, Part Two

  Part the Fifth I forgot to say if any of this does not make sense to you please leave me a comment and I will further elucidate in tomorrow’s column or a later one this week.   Part the Sixth Also, if you do not understand how this is related to filmmaking, please also […]

Crazy Lady Writer, Part One

  Is it okay if today I write about writers and not strictly about film production? Yes? Okay, then, here I go. Part the First My friend Lorak is a very funny writer although she is named after some kind of alien from an alien planet on Star Trek Next Generation or perhaps she is […]

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