Archive | February, 2009

Pain Is Not Necessary

If there are dancers reading this column, you should check out a place called Oakland Theater of Dance in Oakland, California. It was founded by a classically-trained dancer, Jane Brown. She teaches how to work WITH your body, not to force your body and thus destroy it. Using her knowledge of how to work with […]

Last Night at the Wrap Party

Sometimes I don’t feel like writing; and then…deus ex machina…a good thing comes out of a bad thing. It’s a bad thing not to feel like writing.   It’s a bad thing to have a “friend” who wants every conversation to be about him.  That old dumb joke about the ego-centric actor: “Me, me, me, […]

Does This Remind You of JD Salinger?

  Scene 1 Woman in the shower.  She’s bending over and running her hands through her long hair, pulling out huge gobs of loose hair. She rubs her hands together to mat the hair and then she uses the soap to paste them in a pattern on the shower wall.  She signs her name, using […]

Good Prep for Screenwriters

Friend of mine who used to be named Lisa—an acting student—wrote how she got a summer student job working at a psychiatric hospital.   “I’m going to be an exposure therapy coach at the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Institute there. Basically, my job will be helping compulsive washers cover their hands in mud and not […]

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