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Letters from My Readers

Dear Michelle, Why did you write about Marlon Brando?  I, myself, did not think he was a good actor.  Here’s my reasoning: He let himself get fat.  I do not like fat people. Godfather showed stereotypical mobster characters. Plus, I do not like Al Pacino, so why they cast him in that movie, I will […]

Acting Secrets

I think Brando liked to dick with people who asked him about his technique. You hear so many of these tales where he deprecates his ability; maybe he was saying those things to brush off questioners so he could keep his process private.   For example, watch his work in “Last Tango in Paris“, at […]

Team Building, Part One

Currently, I am working with a client who hired me because I am successful in putting huge teams together to accomplish amazing things in a short period of time.  Seems like film producers do this all the time; yet often other businesses can’t get the knack. This particular client is having a problem building his […]

It Is All Material For The Screenplay

  My friend Sindee the writer is so cool!  I wish I could be more like her.  She is so non-judgmental, so open, so embracing.  No matter how crazy a person is, she just accepts them for who they are. She says, “I use everything for material for my characters.” Sometimes I observe Sindee observing […]

Being an Actor: Weird Stuff, Part Six

In video production class   I am taking video production courses, so that I can maybe get a job producing video, eh. Since I certainly can’t get cast as the 32 year old mother of a 27 year old.  I don’t really like the Adobe Illustrator course, but I guess it’s necessary, just like a […]

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