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Being an Actor: Weird Stuff, Part Five

Reading the callboard   “Casting female lead, late 20s.” “Casting mother of lead. Mid-30s.”   Is this film or porn?  You just want hot chicks without any reference to reality?  I mean, how often do 7 year olds have babies?

Being an Actor: Weird Stuff, Part Four

  On set of indie film #3   Set up for a take.  Lighting set, actors ready.   We’re shooting in a neighborhood.  The location scout had no way of knowing that the neighbor halfway down the street would start a woodworking project at 7:00 in the morning on a week day.  But the neighbor […]

Being an Actor: Weird Stuff, Part Three

    On camera for indie feature #2. Here’s an example of a not-actor not-doing her not-job.  Because she’s not an actor; she’s a line-sayer.  She’s only on screen because she has nice tits and good enunciation.  She has no emotional depth.  Oh, I shouldn’t rant before I tell the story. So, Actor Midge (playing […]

Being an Actor: Weird Stuff, Part Two

On camera for an indie feature. Two characters sitting in the kitchen peeling potatoes and talking about the husband of one of them.  They get to the end of the “text,” as we call it.  The dialogue, the lines, the scene, the script, the shooting script, the end of the scene, okay, okay.   Actors […]

Being an Actor: Weird Stuff

In the trailer with Laurie In between scenes.  She is playing a character who is about to find out her son is dead.  I am not in this next scene; so, I am eating potato chips and watching Laurie prep.  She is rolling on the floor, moaning, sobbing, grasping her stomach, crying her eyes out […]

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