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Cats in Movies

Wish I could write a column about my cat Phoenix, but I can’t because this blog is for movie producers.  So, I’ll write a column about movies with cats.  But, not movies about cats—because that’s too easy.  Instead this column is about movies which have cats in them, cats whom you might not have noticed […]

Sexuality on Screen: Bad? Nasty? Kinky? Universal?

Exhibit A: That Oedipus Thang The lovely Anne Lower, actor; clever Anne Lower, marketing specialist; she is also the hardworking and insightful theater producer, script doctor, Anne; and today we speak of her in her role as the talented screenwriter. A while ago she wrote, “I’m working on an adaptation of OEDIPUS REX.” Then, I […]

Mijn gekke clienten

So, I’m producing this industrial training video for a software company.  They want to teach their partners in the distribution channel resellers to use a new product.  Not only am I producing the training vid, but I’m also delivering a self-guided webinar with screenshots and a voice-over. Jane, the software geek who wrote all the […]

I Am an Actor, Part Two

Dear fairy godmother, If I get a vote, I vote for the money. I have been a great actor every once in a while.  I have had my transcendent moments.  I have channeled the universal truth at times. I have stilled time.  I have entered the void and brought a live audience with me.  I […]

Carlos Andres Gomez

Carlos Andres Gomez a performing artist real beautiful deep love stirring glue hypnotic stunning stun-gun raw alive guts exposed sexual committed human compassionate intense focused believes feels searing art craft bodily  mindmelding holy fire present he is present

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