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Madness On Set

On the set of “Chase Me” Actress Mindea .  She’s a fabulous actor with a sensitive instrument.  She generally plays a gloomy or depressed character, or even a bitch; but today she’s playing a sarcastic, happy-go-lucky person.  She has gorgeous green eyes and long, wavy dark brown hair.   Actress Sith.  A versatile actor who […]

Bad Writing

Romance novels, lazy writing.   “She tucked into her dessert.”   WTF does that over-used, under-descriptive verb mean? Did she inhale her dessert, swallowing it so fast she had no time to chew? Did she toy with her dessert, poking it and prodding it but not taking very many spoonfuls? Did she gobble her dessert, […]

Abandoning Your Soul

  My friend Apollonia is an obsessive   My friend Apollonia is an artist   My friend Apollonia is a business analyst     Apollonia is obsessive   Her husband must sleep in a separate bed because he “disarranges” the blankets while sleeping.   For my birthday dinner, Apollonia offered to host a party at […]

Words I Have Learned

Asshat: The 20/30-something crowd uses this word to substitute for the time-worn and well-used “asshole.”  “Asshat” is more about stupid or goofy; whereas “asshole” implies mean or conniving.   Boasterous: Braggadocious.   Dickappointment: Many women get this feeling when a new boyfriend first takes his pants off.   Expurtulate: To explain something with great ferocity […]

Letters from My Readers

Dear Michelle,   You are a bitch.   Kind regards, Your Reader   Dear Reader,   Yeah, I know.   Next.   Kind regards, Michelle   Dear Michelle,   No really, I hate you.  Your column stinks.   Regards, Your Reader   Dear Reader,   Fuck off.   Next.   Regards, Michelle   Dear Michelle, […]

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