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Zombies at South by Southwest

Although broke, I wanted to go to the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, for the world premiere of an indie film in which I played one of the key characters. So, I put out a call to the Seattle film community for folks who wanted to share a hotel room in Austin. […]

How Not to Get Hired for Voice Work

The whole thing about getting hired is LISTENING.  Listening to what the clients want and giving them what they want.  Or at least trying to give the client what she wants.  Sales—and, actors, you are selling yourself—is about listening, not so much about talking.   Allow me to relate some stories of casting for voice […]

Actress Wanted: Large Breasts

Being an Actor Kinda Sucks   We spend a lot of time perfecting our instrument.  We spend money—hard to find—taking classes to keep in tune when we’re not working.  We spend time—hard to find—training ourselves in new skills when we are working.   What do I mean by “our instrument?”  Our collective voice.  Actors are […]

Film vs. Movies

In Main Street Video last night, the clerk did not know who Fellini was.   “How do you spell that?”     … “Oh, a foreign film.”   For almost 25 years, i have cherished my pick for worst movie of all time. It was Zuma Beach, a C-movie about bathing suits in LA. Its […]

Rich People, Part Two

A couple dozen people at a party, all Hundred Millionaires.  Except me, of course.  I could hardly afford the petrol to drive to the party.  “Quit whining.”  (My evil twin again.)   Hunnert Mill Heinrich: “Did you hear that Zordog made the Forbes ‘100 Richest in the World’ list? Hunnert Mill Harold: “Yes.  Have you […]

My New Film

I can’t get this story out of my head … a woman who has a hard time getting along with people. People make her agitated. Decides to have relationships only with versions of herself. Makes hundreds of self-images; casts them in resin from a mold she made of her body with plaster-impregnated gauze, using Vaseline […]

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