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Brain vs. Brain

Business versus Art…Aw, shit, not THAT again.   Can you operate in the world using both incisive thinking and creativity?  Can you do it simultaneously?  Or must you do it serially?  Are emotion and intellect trying to crowd each other out of our poor, overburdened brains?  Is bi-hemispheric thinking possible?   Yeah, yeah, I know.  […]

Starving Artist Writes Recession Poetry

Haiku 15: Starbucks is posting // Calories. Who cares? I need // Starbucks to post jobs //   Haiku 21: Recession tactics // No French nails or hair streaking // Fire the housekeeper //   Haiku 35: Wearing Gucci shoes // She carefully steps over // George begging for change //   Haiku 40: Stealing […]

Letters From My Readers: Mr. Ed Was a Fake

Dear Michelle   What do you know about Horse Actors?  Mr. Ed was a hack.  He used a teleprompter. Those so-called “moments” you describe when he was staring off into space thinking–so YOU claim–about the nature of the universe…he was reading from a teleprompter. You obviously know nothing, zip, zilch, zero,  zed about Horse Actors. […]

The Meisner Technique, Part One

  We actors love to talk about honesty.  And techniques to create honesty…well, to be quite honest, some actors like to talk about techniques to simulate honesty. Somebody like Robert Duvall, he just disappears into his characters.  Every time I see him in a movie, I still have to ask myself, “Who is that actor?”  […]

Rich People Are Just Like You And Me

  NOT   That ridiculous myth is popularized in motivational speeches and in sales training classes.  It is SO not true.   Rich People Part One There is this dude, an ex-boss of mine; Let’s call him Mister Arrgh.  Time was…after we had stopped working together…I used to call him on the phone once in […]

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