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One Woman Performance Art

Anything with Barbies ™ is High Art.  These dolls are so iconic. Humans are highly overrated as story-telling mediums. I want to use Barbies in a stage piece I’m writing called “Julie Lewis in the Circle”. I meant, “I want to abuse Barbies in the stage piece I’m writing.” Ruin them. Utterly.  The things one […]


Food in the belly soaks up anxiety.  Eat to keep from feeling the pain.  The uncertainty, the anxiety of chaos and abandonment.  The uncertainty.  The unclearness of the path.  The anticipation.   The one certain thing is that I can put food in my mouth whenever I feel bad.   It deadens pain, but it […]


Change happens slowly.  And then, all of a sudden, it happens fast. I’ve been on a more-or-less carbo reduction plan and a more-or-less detox diet for 3 years.  All of a sudden-no trigger; out of the blue; finally—yesterday, for the first time in my life, without conscious effort, I stopped eating when there was still […]

Starving Artist Writes Recession Poetry

Yeah, yeah, how lazy can one person be?!?!? She is still refusing to write new blogs.   HOWEVER.   By broad and tumultuous acclaim, these senryu are being re-published for you.   At no charge.   TwitterHaiku 15: Starbucks is posting // Calories. Who cares? I need // Starbucks to post jobs. //   TwitterHaiku […]

Editing Robert’s Book

Julia Cameron says in “The Artist’s Way” that if you’re doing peripheral support of the arts–gallery manager, casting director–then you probably are a blocked artist. Well, maybe that’s true; but nonetheless I enjoy supporting artists as well as being a generative and interpretive artist. Robert is an acting coach whom I’ve known online for 15 […]

Cat Shit Attitude

You know how your dog eats cat “candies” out of the litter box and then gets Cat Shit Breath?   Well, today I have Cat Shit Attitude.   So, I thought I’d re-publish this column from last year that sums up how I feel this month.   Some people say you don’t have to be […]


Sometimes restrictions are just falsely restricting.  Maybe that’s why spoken word artists want to break free of rhyme and meter and go with other forms of tonal beauty—alliteration, onomatopoeia, beat, the visual aspects of the performance. Something you can get very formal and it can become an exercise in structure rather than meaning. Like my […]


So, I decided that before I could write my blog, before I could work on my four unfinished—languishing—screenplays, before I could call my costume designer for my one-woman live performance piece, before I could start working on my German accent for Nancy’s film…I must. MUST Organize my entire life. You may say this is a […]

Comedy Is Sad, Part Two

When I go to a gathering, and there is an offensive party, I like to jump right in and try to be more annoying than the offensive person or more offensive than the obnoxious person. At the very minimum, I like to push at least one person into the punch or the dog’s water dish […]

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