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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

This week I’m recycling an article that appeared in this column several years ago. I’m an actor, screenwriter and indie filmmaker.  When I meet people not in the biz, they always ask me, “Have you been in anything I would have seen?”  I hate that one.  How shall I respond?  “Only if you’re actually educated […]

Starving Artist Writes Haiku About The Life

Off the beaten track. I share with you, dear reader, an actor’s week, revealed with haiku.   Haiku 26 Acting class.  Take five. Everyone standing outside. Stretching limbs.  Smoking.   Twitterhaiku 95 At Cirque du Soleil A small girl scared by the clown, Seared soul, white grimace.   Senryu 233 Where, in the cortex, Does […]

Why I Am a Screenwriter, Part 4

  Laura K writes a periodic blog about her insane twenty-something life.  She writes “Last night Eric got blitzed and puked all over the brand-new living room couch.  I got blitzed and fell and broke my arm.”   I commented on Laura’s blog, “The sex with Eric must be great because the Saturday nights sound […]

Heaven, The Web Series

  What is heaven?  If you went there, would you ever want to return?    Anne Lower is producing a web series called They Live Among Us about angels who have fallen back to earth and struggle, as do we normal humans, with moral decisions, with life and death, with traffic in L.A.    Think […]

Dear To Whom It May Etcetera

Dear Head Moose,   Please consider my application to be a stand-up kvetch at your next convention.  You might enjoy my making fun of the suffering of others.  I have never performed stand-up.  Usually I insult my immediate family.  I had a bad childhood and lack the social skills necessary to hold up my end […]

Why I Am A Screenwriter, Part II

2.  It’s my crazy family.     Fiction.  NOT. How can you not write fiction when life hands you material?   My Christmas from hell.  The first time I met my new family-in-law.   The dog bit the baby, who had to be rushed to the hospital.  We put the dog in the back yard, […]

Why I Am a Screenwriter, Part I

  1. It’s the insane people I have met. Fiction.  NOT. How can you not write fiction when life hands you material?   People.  They drive me nuts. Saul Pwanson (formerly Paul Swanson) won’t speak to me.  He unfriended me on Facebook after I pointed out that he had collected signatures on an initiative petition […]

Comedy is Sad

It is hard to lose pets.  Kidney failure can be painful for the animal.   So, how to make art out of all this?  Well, I, for example, have kept all my dead pets in Tupperware containers for years.  I am not quite sure why I do it: affectation of a vampiresque lifestyle?  So I […]

Sad = Comedy

  People ask, “You are so funny, Michelle.  Where on earth do you get your ideas?” How real life informs my comedy act.   Doesn’t Quite Get It Walking with their dog, a young couple. The dog, a terrier, is off leash.  Terriers were originally bred to hunt rats. The dog leaps on a ground […]

Judging a Student Film Festival

  The slapstick horror of a pop quiz, averted by the magic do-all jacket, out of the pockets of which pop a math whiz, a cheerleading squad, a circular saw, two ferrets, a tattoo artist and the Hubble. The protagonist receives an A from the teacher and the 3-minute film receives 5 stars from the […]

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