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Dear To Whom It May Etcetera

To Whom It May Concern, Please consider my formal application to be the stand-up comic at your upcoming groundwater filtration convention. I am skilled in whining, blaming others for my faults, exaggeration, jokes about bodily functions, cruel sarcasm and primal screaming. Sincerely yours, Michelle Shyman  

Where Did You Get That Toy? Part Seven

Entertaining Ourselves after Hours in Tokyo To refresh the memories those of you who haven’t followed our heroine’s story thus far, she was hired to produce a training video.  She and a small crew flew to the client’s Tokyo office for the shoot.  The client Griff has proven to be a Laff Factory—an inept traveler […]

Where Did You Get That Toy? Part Six

More tales from the Bizarre.  In today’s scenario, I’m in Japan with a client, shooting a training video in their Tokyo office. Exploring Tokyo Long shoot day, but we’re done at 6:00 PM.  We have the whole night off and don’t have to be back on set till 11:00 AM.  Great opportunity to get out, […]

Where Did You Get That Toy? Part Four

You knew we’d eventually detour our way back to this story: Client hired me to produce an internal training video and they wanted to shoot it in their Japan office.   Guests in Tokyo As I bragged in a previous columnPost/blog, I had spent the full ten hours of the flight from Seattle to Tokyo […]

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