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Where Did You Get That Toy? Part Four

You knew we’d eventually detour our way back to this story: Client hired me to produce an internal training video and they wanted to shoot it in their Japan office.   Guests in Tokyo As I bragged in a previous columnPost/blog, I had spent the full ten hours of the flight from Seattle to Tokyo […]

The I-Think-a-Toids

Metrics Matter or Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Web Site My friend Mills, a set designer, asked me, “What do you think of my web site?” I figured he was asking me not only as a film producer who hires set designers, but as a person who managed a team of hundreds of people […]

Team Building, Part One

Currently, I am working with a client who hired me because I am successful in putting huge teams together to accomplish amazing things in a short period of time.  Seems like film producers do this all the time; yet often other businesses can’t get the knack. This particular client is having a problem building his […]

How Not to Get Hired for Voice Work

The whole thing about getting hired is LISTENING.  Listening to what the clients want and giving them what they want.  Or at least trying to give the client what she wants.  Sales—and, actors, you are selling yourself—is about listening, not so much about talking.   Allow me to relate some stories of casting for voice […]

Hey, Actors: How Not To Get Cast

You poor, broke-ass, under-employed actors need to quit paying for those “how to get a job” classes and those tips and tricks newsletters about “how to get an honest to goodness acting gig that pays real money” and those “keep your network working” seminars and those “grow your relationships” books.  These tricks are not working: […]

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