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Being an Actor: Weird Stuff, Part Six

In video production class   I am taking video production courses, so that I can maybe get a job producing video, eh. Since I certainly can’t get cast as the 32 year old mother of a 27 year old.  I don’t really like the Adobe Illustrator course, but I guess it’s necessary, just like a […]

Dear Abby

Dear Abby, I lucked into a temp job where the morons who run the joint are so—I mean so—disorganized.  They can’t quite figure out how to get me the tools to do my job; and they refuse to let me do anything but wait…wait…for the tools. For example, I came to work for a week […]

I Am an Actor, Part Two

Dear fairy godmother, If I get a vote, I vote for the money. I have been a great actor every once in a while.  I have had my transcendent moments.  I have channeled the universal truth at times. I have stilled time.  I have entered the void and brought a live audience with me.  I […]

Abandoning Your Soul

  My friend Apollonia is an obsessive   My friend Apollonia is an artist   My friend Apollonia is a business analyst     Apollonia is obsessive   Her husband must sleep in a separate bed because he “disarranges” the blankets while sleeping.   For my birthday dinner, Apollonia offered to host a party at […]

Brain vs. Brain

Business versus Art…Aw, shit, not THAT again.   Can you operate in the world using both incisive thinking and creativity?  Can you do it simultaneously?  Or must you do it serially?  Are emotion and intellect trying to crowd each other out of our poor, overburdened brains?  Is bi-hemispheric thinking possible?   Yeah, yeah, I know.  […]

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