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Dream / Parable

All my life I had to struggle. All my life I had this notion that I was somebody, someone famous, someone who had done something important, someone who had a suite and a yacht named after me. I never knew anything and I never had any friends —> —> and I fell down a cliff […]

When Good Actors Go Bad…

…they write romance novels. What is happening to performing artists nowadays?  Have their standards disintegrated?  What became of the starving artist, pure in intent, determined at all costs never to compromise, never to take a straight job…or even another creative job?  What of capital-A Acting Art, to be spoken of loftily at dinner parties: is […]

The Transformative Power of Drama

  You may remember my friend Lisa the actor.  You may not remember my friend Lisa the actor.  In either case, I am about to tell you of her further adventures.  Adventures wildly beyond. Lisa, as you may or may not  remember, spent the summer after her freshman year working in a psych hospital.  She […]

Spalding Gray: I’m a Few Years Late

It was surreal—I kept waiting to read that it was a performance piece. Couldn’t quite believe he was dead. It’s personally disappointing to me that a performer who had such connection with his audience and such success–that people wanted to pay to hear him –still could be suicidal.

My Life Sucks, Part One

I remember joining my first online acting discussion list group listserv chat room bulletin board way back in the early 90s or some-such date.   I introduced myself (to the then-extant Acting-L) with a big whiney post about how my life sucked and I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do artistically in life bla […]

Shooting People

Clara gets a newsletter called  “Shooting People” from a cinematographer’s group in the UK.   Clara’s hubby saw the newsletter’s title. “What kind of maniacs do you hang out with? !  Is this some kind of murder-for-hire? You’re scaring me.”

Letters from My Readers: Lost

Dear Michelle,   Humans seem to want things to be answered, as in final answer. Tie everything together into one neat package so as to be easily understood. Knowledge is part of change and change is part of knowledge. This knowledge can only come about as a result of action, an experiment, a contact with […]

The Last Lost Rant

A kitty is coming to live with me.  Soon, right after my surgery.  Hubby finally said yes, he wants one, too.  We will go to the shelter and pick out a girl cat who likes to sit in laps and butt foreheads.  Maybe we will get two kitties.  Maybe we will get a puppy, too.  […]

Day Jobs, Part II: Oops, Just Remembered I Was Fired

It’s been such a busy week that I completely forgot I was canned. Been so busy writing about important stuff like my film, counter-recruitment at high schools and the book I’m editing. Met a great artist, too: Andrew Miller, who is going to make me a thematic image for Exit Strategy the film. Apparently (back […]

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