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Starving Artist Writes Recession Poetry

Haiku 15: Starbucks is posting // Calories. Who cares? I need // Starbucks to post jobs //   Haiku 21: Recession tactics // No French nails or hair streaking // Fire the housekeeper //   Haiku 35: Wearing Gucci shoes // She carefully steps over // George begging for change //   Haiku 40: Stealing […]

In Honor of a Performing Artist

I’ve named my blog “Balancing Act,” in honor of a one-woman mime act created by Lelia Pendleton of Bankshot Theater in Richmond, VA.  Lil is a performer of “a certain age” who still pursues her niche of the performing arts spectrum.  She pursues it with dedication, honesty & craft; she continually studies to improve her […]

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