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The Transformative Power of Drama

  You may remember my friend Lisa the actor.  You may not remember my friend Lisa the actor.  In either case, I am about to tell you of her further adventures.  Adventures wildly beyond. Lisa, as you may or may not  remember, spent the summer after her freshman year working in a psych hospital.  She […]

W.B. Yeats

  The Tower by W.B. Yeats   The wreck of body, slow decay of blood Testy delirium Or dull decrepitude Or what worse that will come The death of friends   Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen by W.B. Yeats   III …but now That winds of winter blow Learn that we were crack-pated when we dreamed. […]


I vow from this day forward never again to work with anyone who does not respect the gifts I bring as an artist.

I Am Creating My Own

  In addition to writing my own stuff, part of creating my own is having a discussion with other artists about the role of theater & film artists with regard to social issues. My frustration is that the level of the discussion has sometimes been limited to off-the-cuff comments such as “political plays can be […]

My Life Sucks, Part One

I remember joining my first online acting discussion list group listserv chat room bulletin board way back in the early 90s or some-such date.   I introduced myself (to the then-extant Acting-L) with a big whiney post about how my life sucked and I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do artistically in life bla […]

People I Hate

People who crackle their candy wrappers in the movies People in walkers with oxygen tanks, puffing a cigarette People who talk at the movies Fat people riding carts in grocery store, with a pack of smokes in their pocket People who laugh at sit-coms People shopping at Nordstrom, stepping over homeless people as if they […]


George Lucas, following him around.   My friend Venky had convinced him to spend a day with me.   But he wasn’t taking me seriously as an actor.   He kept bringing in actors who were “working the ropes” by going through agents.   I wondered what I was doing wrong because I had made […]

Delicate, Sensitive, Balanced Instrument

I’m in a room which I’ve been renting at the top of the stairs in an old house.  I must pack in a hurry and move out of the house; if I don’t, something terrible will happen to me. There’s only one closet full of clothes, but it seems to be endless.  How will I […]

Editing Robert’s Book

Julia Cameron says in “The Artist’s Way” that if you’re doing peripheral support of the arts–gallery manager, casting director–then you probably are a blocked artist. Well, maybe that’s true; but nonetheless I enjoy supporting artists as well as being a generative and interpretive artist. Robert is an acting coach whom I’ve known online for 15 […]

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