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Death at Netflix

    As part of my research for “Films With Cats” I finally got around to watching Harry and Tonto.  A little late, I know.  Hey, I hear what you’re saying.  Just be quiet.  Cut it out.  I watched it, didn’t I?  Geez, give a girl a break.  Ok, if you don’t stop that mumbling […]

I Am A Fraud

  I hereby declare that I am a fraud.  A big, fat fake.  I might as well be telling people that I am the Secretary General of the United Federation of Planets.  Or a professional nose picker.  I’ve been on exactly one audition this year.  One.  And I had a chance to have a look-see […]

Celebrity Lust

Hubby doesn’t mind // If I have fantasy sex // With DiCaprio //   George Clooney Sean Penn // Johnny Depp Mos Def Brad Pitt // Bernadette Peters //   Scarlett Johanssen // Drew Barrymore Brent Spiner // Or Carlos Andres Gomez //   Sam Shepard  Joan Jett // Eartha Kitt  Christopher Reeve… // …well, […]

Writing Club

Writing Club met on Saturday mornings at La Coquette. Toni had long black hair like Morticia Addams.  Toni’s father had abused Toni and her sister.  Toni’s daughter had been taken away from her when Toni was institutionalized for severe depression.  Her ex-husband took the girl and Toni didn’t see her again for 30 years.  Toni […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 5

Wednesday was my day to be an actor. My writing partner played producer and PA today. Michelle Actor speaking: I gave three transcendent performances in two separate scenes.   Michelle Producer speaking: Good, all you need is one good take of each scene. I attribute my ability to give great performances partially to relinquishing producer […]

Dear To Whom It May Et Cetera

The Red Queen said, “We should all try to imagine at least three impossible things before breakfast.” Similarly, I believe, we should all try to speculate wildly on the inner mental calisthenics of everyone we meet. At the least, it gives us exercise as generative & interpretive artists. At the top of the game, it […]

Occupy History, Occupy Consciousness

In the midst of all this revolt and dissatisfaction, sometimes, still, when I raise a discussion with performing artists about  how artists can become more relevant to modern times; how we can expand our role, how we can address larger issues, that all the responses are along the lines of (gross exaggerating follows here), “But […]

Dream / Parable

All my life I had to struggle. All my life I had this notion that I was somebody, someone famous, someone who had done something important, someone who had a suite and a yacht named after me. I never knew anything and I never had any friends —> —> and I fell down a cliff […]

I Am An Actor

I Am An Actor Here I come, in from left field. Can’t help it: I just have strange neuron firing patterns. Actors fall in love easily I love the way Bobby, my director in “The Cherry Garden” is so passionate about art.  Bobby refuses to allow that every opinion is valid.  He is convinced there […]

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