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Behind the Scenes: Does Every Actress Want to Hit the Big Time?

  Last week I wrote about some of my actor friends and how they have crafted their careers.  We learned that for some, the dream of Hollywood stardom is still compelling and that for others simply making some money as an actor is all they could desire.  This week let’s hear about some of my […]

I Am A Fraud

  I hereby declare that I am a fraud.  A big, fat fake.  I might as well be telling people that I am the Secretary General of the United Federation of Planets.  Or a professional nose picker.  I’ve been on exactly one audition this year.  One.  And I had a chance to have a look-see […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 5

Wednesday was my day to be an actor. My writing partner played producer and PA today. Michelle Actor speaking: I gave three transcendent performances in two separate scenes.   Michelle Producer speaking: Good, all you need is one good take of each scene. I attribute my ability to give great performances partially to relinquishing producer […]

William Shatner, Rescue Me

I just added notes to about an un-aired episode of RESCUE 911, shot many years ago, and it brought back memories in a flood, memories of how we shot the reenactment of this incident. I was an actor hired to play Nancy, the neighbor who calls 911. In the audition, they asked me to […]


oh fuck them all just fuck them all it is too insane and too bizarre the power they have over people’s dreams so just fuck them all and double fuck them in the ear by an elephant

Meisner Technique, Part One Zillion

Sandy Meisner was a famous acting coach and not-so-famous actor.  Some of his students were Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Jon Voight, Kim Basinger, Sandra Bullock, Syndey Pollack and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  There is a famous tale (at least, a tale famous in the acting & film community) of Sandy playing a minor role on stage, […]


Perhaps there are situations on stage where you can’t listen to another character.   At these times you need to have something to do, some reason to be on stage.  Sanford Meisner defined this reason as your independent activity.  It’s some task a character very much—even desperately–needs to do, without any regard to other characters […]

Whoops, There Goes My Budget

I am a purse snatcher in a low budget feature. How low…I don’t remember if I ever knew the budget because I was an actor in this one, not a producer although since it’s a small town I tried to ask around just out of curiosity to see what the budget was so I would […]

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