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Lost, the Final Season Rant #2

This week I have set aside all my other work in order to (don’t call me obsessive-compulsive) catch up on all the Lost episodes before the end of the final season.  I can’t remember all the confusing shit they told us in the beginning of the series and I can’t remember all the questions to […]

Lost, the Final Season

A PUSSY CAT A cat!  I found a cat!   In Season 3, Episode “Enter 77” at about 9 minutes and 50 seconds.  A pretty gray tabby cat!  I am so thrilled.   And again at 16:32. Now, a different cat–a rescue–at 36:40. And the pretty gray again at 42:30. Some say kitty is a […]


I’m really moved, in a bad way, by the way we use creatures for our own entertainment.  Use them in advertising.  Don’t see them as individuals.  Don’t respect them to allow them to have free lives the way they want to live.  We remove their environment.  We fetishize them.  The gorilla playing the drums: he […]

Reality TV, Before I Knew

Well, this article on how they shoot and edit reality TV scared the shit out of me. I would not be able to be a reality TV editor. All that work, wading through footage of idiots on camera.

Star Trek and Me

  I don’t know if I’m sufficiently advanced to be in a society like Star Trek The Next Generation; a society where I trust people so completely that even if they annoy me a bit I can let it go because I know they’re speaking for the greater good—ALL for the greater good and NONE […]

Letters From My Readers: Mr. Ed Was a Fake

Dear Michelle   What do you know about Horse Actors?  Mr. Ed was a hack.  He used a teleprompter. Those so-called “moments” you describe when he was staring off into space thinking–so YOU claim–about the nature of the universe…he was reading from a teleprompter. You obviously know nothing, zip, zilch, zero,  zed about Horse Actors. […]

Not-Reality Shows

Guess what? Those reality dating shows are soooo not real. Ha, ha, ha!  No, seriously. I happened to be crewing on one of the dating reality shows. Whoops, I’m about to go off on a tangent here.  There is always an internal conflict for an underemployed actor who has been hired to crew instead of […]

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