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Star Trek: The Next Generation

  Was Gene Roddenberry a socialist?   1)  Everyone has a job they love. 2)  Everyone has a job. 3)  Money doesn’t exist. 4)  Our mission is to explore and learn, not to conquer new worlds. 5)  Respect for all life. 6)  Free healthcare. 7)  Free healthy food. 8)  Leaders have their position because of […]

William Shatner, Rescue Me

I just added notes to about an un-aired episode of RESCUE 911, shot many years ago, and it brought back memories in a flood, memories of how we shot the reenactment of this incident. I was an actor hired to play Nancy, the neighbor who calls 911. In the audition, they asked me to […]

Letters from My Readers

My reader, the pseudonymous Honey, writes about my column “Tit Girl on TV” (see yesterday’s post): “I don’t see a problem with God (Jesus), breasts (tits), and cooking (food). One of the most prominent pictures we have of God (Jesus) is the Last Supper. This is all about sharing food with your fellow revolutionaries. Breasts […]

The Last Lost Rant

A kitty is coming to live with me.  Soon, right after my surgery.  Hubby finally said yes, he wants one, too.  We will go to the shelter and pick out a girl cat who likes to sit in laps and butt foreheads.  Maybe we will get two kitties.  Maybe we will get a puppy, too.  […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #9

Hubby was always making excuses for the evil women on “Lost.” For example: “Oh, Nikki is not that bad.  She only killed one guy.  What about Cheney?  He is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands.” Or: “Oh, I am getting to understand Juliet now that they are showing her back story.  She had […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #8

MYTHOLOGY The real reason that the final season of “Lost” is so confusing and dissatisfying is that the writers got lost: the show does not have an internally consistent mythology. Blake Snyder (of “Save The Cat” fame) writes about Double Mumbo Jumbo.  Blake was called “one of Hollywood’s most successful spec screenwriters” by  Blake has […]

Lost: A Summary, Rant #7

Why is it important to have an internally consistent mythology?  Why do I harp on “Lost” for mixing up multiple forms of mumbo-jumbo?  Characters need a world in which they can conduct their own search for themselves and their own meaning.  They need to have something stable but flexible to push against, to test themselves […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #6 Major Gripes

REPEATS INSTEAD OF ORIGINALITY More Others; more people we don ‘t know what they’re doing; more mysterious people giving orders to the previous Top Guys, more shooting;, more lost in the jungle;  and more getting caught in traps. Claire becomes a repeat of the dead Danielle.  Locke becomes Man in Black.  Jack becomes Locke. More […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #5 LAZY Writing

  Lazy Writing For the first 3 or 4 or even 5 years I really dug “Lost.” In a purely joyful way,  it was mysterious, fun, sexy, plot- twisting.  The editing is clean, smooth, and classic.  I enjoy mind-games of “The Prisoner” sort. Good mix of guns, cleverness, mystery, and hunky men with no shirts […]

Lost, the Final Season Rant #4

Dear Creators, Producers & Writers of “Lost,” I demand that you answer the following CRITICAL questions by the end of this final season: Are we going to get resolution to the mystery of Charles & Daniel: how people can manage to meet their parents in the past? I want to know what happened to the […]

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