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In Memory of an Honest Actor

Friends, because you have arrogantly failed to read every column I’ve written, every week for the past 5 years, I am gracing you with a re-fun of an old topic.  Read and enjoy. We actors love to talk about honesty.  And techniques to create honesty…well, to be quite honest, some actors like to talk about […]

Heaven, The Web Series

  What is heaven?  If you went there, would you ever want to return?    Anne Lower is producing a web series called They Live Among Us about angels who have fallen back to earth and struggle, as do we normal humans, with moral decisions, with life and death, with traffic in L.A.    Think […]

Star Trek The Next Generation: Bereft

  After 182 hours almost straight, almost without sleep, I have finished watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  Season 7 (the last season) was particularly difficult.  Why?  Several reasons, I think.  First, the plots became repetitive.  Second, the writers stopped showing Roddenberry’s ideal new world.  Third, Bad Science.   The writers got lazy.  How many […]

Star Trek: I Grow Weary; Star Trek: I Mourn

  It’s been for weeks since I started reviewing every episode, in order, of Star Trek: The Next Generation for my article on its portrayal of a post-capitalist society.  Back in those days they did 26 45-minute episodes per season.  I’ve gotten through 6 ½ seasons; that’s 169 hours of watching.  I hope they pay […]

Star Trek: Week Four

  Three weeks into the research for my Star Trek The Next Generation article, I am already in Season Five.  That’s 79 episodes viewed—in order, of course, to watch the development of the philosophy—and only 15 pages of notes.    My memory of the scads of script pages devoted to the exposition of our future […]

Star Trek: The Marathon Continues

Happy new year to all.  Fuck that; happy new year to me.  Me, me, me.   Still in the midst of the Star Trek marathon, doing research for my article.  I’m beginning of season four.  I remember back to the first time I watched this.  The Borg were so entirely scary.  So terrifying.  And that […]

Star Trek: The Marathon

Me and my big mouth.  As I wrote last week, I’m engaged (subtle pun: did you pick up on it?) in doing research for an article on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I casually tossed an assertion into a meeting of a salon of which I’m a member that Star Trek: TNG was the culmination […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation

I recently have been compelled–forced, I tell you, by an unknown power source—to revisit every episode of Star Trek TNG.  I’m averaging 7 episodes per day and the rest of my work, life, cat litter chores, meaningful interactions and quest for sustenance has been cancelled until such time as I may remove myself from the […]

Nutsoid Film Peeps

Today is devoted to generalized griping.   Kerry the director who, ever since I appeared in his film adaptation of Marigolds, has been emailing me inviting me to purchase legal insurance plans from him or to attend Tupperware parties at his house…endlessly   June the screenwriter who wanted product placement in my film, albeit UNPAID, […]


Clicked on the remote.  Found a show called “My Big Breasts.” Yes, this is true.  Not one of my writerly exaggerations.  The network hosting this show was listed on my program guide as BBC-A.  I thought, for sure, that is an abbreviation for Big Breast Channel.  Later I discovered it stood for British Broadcasting Company.

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