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Good Prep for Screenwriters

Friend of mine who used to be named Lisa—an acting student—wrote how she got a summer student job working at a psychiatric hospital.   “I’m going to be an exposure therapy coach at the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Institute there. Basically, my job will be helping compulsive washers cover their hands in mud and not […]

It Is All Material For The Screenplay

  My friend Sindee the writer is so cool!  I wish I could be more like her.  She is so non-judgmental, so open, so embracing.  No matter how crazy a person is, she just accepts them for who they are. She says, “I use everything for material for my characters.” Sometimes I observe Sindee observing […]

Dear Abby

Dear Abby, I lucked into a temp job where the morons who run the joint are so—I mean so—disorganized.  They can’t quite figure out how to get me the tools to do my job; and they refuse to let me do anything but wait…wait…for the tools. For example, I came to work for a week […]

Sexuality on Screen: Bad? Nasty? Kinky? Universal?

Exhibit A: That Oedipus Thang The lovely Anne Lower, actor; clever Anne Lower, marketing specialist; she is also the hardworking and insightful theater producer, script doctor, Anne; and today we speak of her in her role as the talented screenwriter. A while ago she wrote, “I’m working on an adaptation of OEDIPUS REX.” Then, I […]

Bad Writing

Romance novels, lazy writing.   “She tucked into her dessert.”   WTF does that over-used, under-descriptive verb mean? Did she inhale her dessert, swallowing it so fast she had no time to chew? Did she toy with her dessert, poking it and prodding it but not taking very many spoonfuls? Did she gobble her dessert, […]

Words I Have Learned

Asshat: The 20/30-something crowd uses this word to substitute for the time-worn and well-used “asshole.”  “Asshat” is more about stupid or goofy; whereas “asshole” implies mean or conniving.   Boasterous: Braggadocious.   Dickappointment: Many women get this feeling when a new boyfriend first takes his pants off.   Expurtulate: To explain something with great ferocity […]

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