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Everyone Wants A Piece of You

An entertainment lawyer hooked me up with a film sales agent who handles Europe.  The sales agent read my treatment and said he could sell it into distribution overseas.   He could even give me pre-sales numbers to show my investors.  It’s important to show potential investors some indication that your film will actually sell. I […]

Rich People, Part Two

A couple dozen people at a party, all Hundred Millionaires.  Except me, of course.  I could hardly afford the petrol to drive to the party.  “Quit whining.”  (My evil twin again.)   Hunnert Mill Heinrich: “Did you hear that Zordog made the Forbes ‘100 Richest in the World’ list? Hunnert Mill Harold: “Yes.  Have you […]

Rich People Are Just Like You And Me

  NOT   That ridiculous myth is popularized in motivational speeches and in sales training classes.  It is SO not true.   Rich People Part One There is this dude, an ex-boss of mine; Let’s call him Mister Arrgh.  Time was…after we had stopped working together…I used to call him on the phone once in […]

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