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Musing on Indie Shoots

  We are now 16 days from shooting the trailer.  The Washington State Film Board announced in their newsletter that we were shooting, so now all the popular locations (Space Needle, Pike Market, Ban Roll-on Building, Library…) know about us and we won’t be able to “steal” any locations.  Everyone wants permits and insurance.  We […]

Why I Am A Screenwriter, Part III

3.  It’s the things I encounter and the things I do.   They should not let me out of my cage.  I have no tact.                           The tactless Michelle was co-producing an insane indie short with 48 dogs involved in one scene.     There was no budget for a professional animal handler, so the dog […]

I Am A Fraud

  I hereby declare that I am a fraud.  A big, fat fake.  I might as well be telling people that I am the Secretary General of the United Federation of Planets.  Or a professional nose picker.  I’ve been on exactly one audition this year.  One.  And I had a chance to have a look-see […]

Nutsoid Film Peeps

Today is devoted to generalized griping.   Kerry the director who, ever since I appeared in his film adaptation of Marigolds, has been emailing me inviting me to purchase legal insurance plans from him or to attend Tupperware parties at his house…endlessly   June the screenwriter who wanted product placement in my film, albeit UNPAID, […]

Shooting The Trailer: Wrap (Once More unto the Breach)

I stand in awe of all the artists who brought their gifts to my film.  In awe of the creative artistry in this town and the wonderful, collaborative spirit that has brought so many photographers, videographers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators and film editors to offer to work on my first script as a writer-producer.   […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 15 (Wolves)

How I became interested in wolves…and why I wanted to write a film about wolves. We had a Siberian Husky.  I studied her history of domestication and became fascinated with her more dignified relatives. Nadia could be fairly snotty, herself… Wolves certainly do have a very different demeanor and essence than dogs. The wolves are […]

Shooting The Trailer: Day 14 (Permits & Cell Phones)

The line producer doesn’t have a cell phone and doesn’t answer his home phone, preferring email. The assistant producer only answers her phone once a day at 6:00 PM; and only reads her email at 4:00 AM three days a week. The locations coordinator was vomiting, had diarrhea and had her eyes stuck together with […]

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