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Alba Goes Eco (sponsored post)

  Yep, even if my husband didn’t have a mad crush on Jessica Alba … …and even if The Honest Company hadn’t asked me to write this post… …and even though I like Alba’s darker brunette color better than that almost-blond look she’s got going lately…. …I totally think this is SUPER cool. I love […]

My Commune Fired Me

Went to a party last week. A Sweet-Young-Chickie sat next to me and told me that she broke up with her Not-Working-Boyfriend and moved out of her group housing situation. Not-Working-Boyfriend is still living in the group housing with all the roommates and Sweet-Young-Chickie is still financially supporting him, though they have split up. She’s […]

Cranial Rectal Syndrome, Part II

  Since your dear columnist, mentor, psychic guide, beneficiary of your will and soon-to-be-sainted Michelle still has her head up her ass and refuses to write new blogs, here we bring you a readers’ favorite re-run.   Dear Michelle, What do you know about Horse Actors?  Mr. Ed was a hack!  He used a teleprompter.  […]

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